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Become a thought leader on social media with AI! 

Our AI-powered social media assistant helps you develop content to build your credibility on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin. 

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Your AI-powered assistant for social media content creation

You deserve a professional social media presence without spending hours creating content. That's why we created Grandstage - the social media manager you always wanted.


Our AI-powered app gives you a weekly content calendar with posts on the topics you care about, and grades your content to help you understand performance.


We give you back the time you need to build your career or business.

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How to use Grandstage


Learn what to post after just a few minutes 

Connect your Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Linkedin accounts, and in less than 5 minutes get recommendations on what to post to persuade your audience!


Organize these recommendations into your Game Plan - your guide to what content to post each week.  


No more “Doom Scrolling” for inspiration

We curate for you the top stories related to the topics you care about.


We also tell you what the latest trending hashtags, memes, and sounds you should use with your next post to increase your reach. 



Close Google Sheets, we do the analysis
for you

Our Stage Presence score™ is the ultimate social media report card. We grade your content from 1-100, based on your engagement, relative performance, and use of social media best practices. No more wondering why your post went viral or flopped, we tell you what worked and what to improve.  


Know where you stand amongst
the pack

See how your Stage Presence score™ compares to other business professionals or small businesses in your industry, by social platform.


Track and compare your audience size and engagement to others like you. 

Our early adopters 😍 Grandstage


"Grandstage helped me pinpoint what type of videos resonate best with my fans, from the content style to where we shoot! We've seen a big jump in engagement since."

Etienne Najman, @etiennenajman


Stressed Man

Don’t spend over
thousands per month for a
Social Media Assistant!

Grandstage provides you a social media manager in your pocket.

Save yourself the time having to manage another person. We develop your strategy and content calendar 
for a fraction of the price!


Start building your credibility today!

Let Grandstage’s AI-powered social media assistant take your social media presence to the next level.

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